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Unless you were teleported here accidentally, or abducted by mean aliens or prank-loving spirits and unceremoniously dumped here, you should already know who I am.

But just in case, I'll introduce myself. I am Ant Richards, the owner and sole proprietor of this website. That's me below.

As this is all new to me, I do not know how many blogs I plan to write or how frequent they will appear. However should you be nice enough to make contact and engage, I will endeavour to reply in a timely manner. Promise.

In addition, should you wish to join the conversation, remember to keep it clean, fun, friendly and above all respectful.


People often asks me this; either thinking it’s a nice way to break the ice at parties or simply trying to embarrass me for not yet becoming an A-list celebrity.

Either way, why do I post and comment so much? It’s really not rocket science.

Do McDonalds, Apple or Coke ever switch off their marketing & advertising?

Of course not!

So, if the biggest brands in the universal history of the planetary world don’t stop advertising, why should a struggling author, voice artist and aspiring millionaire stop?

You see, the key point to all this are the first 3-5 words in your title.

Here’s where many fail. I know because I’ve failed countless times.

More often than not, friends, potential readers, social or professional contacts couldn’t care a hoot whether you’re the CEO of Shitz Inc or the Chief Lunatic at Weirdos-R-us.

A “DOES WHAT IT SAYS ON THE LID” is the key message. Again, three to five words.

Name your key services/products, skills, etc., in such a way so a baby snail, Love Island contestant, or even an Influencer could understand what you actually do.

That way, every single post, every bit of content, even well-crafted drivel you publish becomes a succinct and subliminal marketing / advertising message (just try and don't get too excited with the latter).

See? Even you understand it now!

Here's an example; two months ago, after posting my Lisbon travel review on YouTube, a dear friend and avid follower liked it so much, she recommended it to her friend who works for a respected Tourist Office. They too seemed very impressed, checked my website, liked what they heard (and saw), contacted me and within a week hired me to voice a few promotional spots for them.

Ok, it still hasn’t rid me of the ‘aspiring’ aspect on my millionaire plan I still carry, but it’s added yet another client to my portfolio.

So now I have a massive ONE client to boast!

This however, came with a caveat. Said ‘dear friend and avid follower’ is now pestering me for some commission; typical money grabbing accountant that she is.

Let's wrap this up

But you do get my point, right?

The bottom line is if you wanna get seen – for the right or wrong reasons – get those attention-grabbing headlines right!

So there we are, my first ever blog! Can't understand what took me so long to do this.

Now, if you enjoyed this blog, please join & expand this post, remembering my initial recommendations. To make contact, simply press the CONTACT button at the top of this page and on the subject line simply add the title of this blog so we can add it to this particular post.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy my stuff. I’m not a charity…

Alternatively, if you’re not into books, audiobooks, or any of my other crafts, just send cash. Either is fine.


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