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If there is any topic you want to engage in regarding my books, or voiceover projects, please fill in the boxes below and hit send. I will endeavour to reply as quick as I possibly can.

Just a few points, to keep things friendly and cool:

- I do not tolerate aggressive, spiteful, obscene or rude messages. If you feel the need for that, I would ask you to refrain from contacting me. As such, I will not even grace you with a 'Go fuck yourself' reply.

- I will not engage in emails containing hatred messages with any political, racial, religious or sexual connotation. If you feel the need to voice such opinions, I am sure there are sites for the mentally fucked-up where you can happily indulge.

- Let's keep things friendly, professional, fun, entertaining and educating. Let this be a forum where we can teach and learn from each other

Thanks! Message sent.

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