Music has always played an important part in my life, despite never achieving my dream of becoming an accomplished musician, particularly mastering the bass guitar. However, I believe that music together with any kind of artistic expression should be an integral part of our lives, whether we make a living out of it or not. It is, for want of a better word, fuel for the soul.It was only natural therefore that I should incorporate a musical element or influence in my writing in addition to that of travel, my other passion.


Whether they are intrinsically related or not to the storyline of IN YOUR DREAMS, as well as my short stories collection, I feel that these songs in one way or another have a place and add their own particular mood or atmosphere to the plot. Some of you may or not agree with these choices, that is always subject to interpretation, and there lies the beauty of music; we all have our own way of feeling and interpreting songs.


So please, join me and discover the songs and sounds that inspired each of my stories.


Ant Richards

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