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Besides writing, I have also lent my somewhat dodgy voice for corporate and commercial narrations as well as other voiceover projects, to some desperate clients when no one else would come forward in their aid.

Here is a selection of voice recordings, narrations, interviews and miscellaneous recordings I have made lately, and not so lately. If you are that desperate and need a warm, reassuring, jovial and character friendly voice, check out my repertoire, and if your eardrums are still intact, do contact me, and we can discuss.

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In April 2019, I was invited to participate as an 'extra' in  GFE's video for their single, 'The Operation'.

Yes, the substances have already worn off...


On 13 November, Brian 'The Hammer' Jackson interviewed me for Hammer 76.6 Network Radio. Click on the photo below (but not to hard) to go to the link with the interview. 

No DJs were harmed during the making of this program.


Here is a narration I lent my voice to, also in April 2019, for WLCL (West London City Lets)

In May 2018, I partook in the shooting of Ali Jacko's video for his song 'Somebody to love', playing a gangster. If you look closely, you can see all 4 seconds of me (not consecutive, though) in the clip.


On January 2019 I lent my Spanish voice to Mark

Cuban on this short promo clip. Click below to hear. Again, on this occasion, no basketball player or multi-millionaires were hurt during the recording.

Out of the dark - Prologue - Ant Richards
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