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Let my voice tell your story

Hello, and thanks for dropping by!

So, besides writing dodgy stories, being a rather average to terrible bassist, I also annoy the airwaves with my voice.

Ok, I probably shouldn't have said that, but then, I know I probably won't appeal to everyone, right? I leave that for you to decide and judge.


However, feel free to check some of my voice samples here on this website, or on YouTube, Starnow, and Mandy Voice.


If you like what you hear, and you consider I fit the bill, it will be my pleasure to help fullfill your voice needs, whether that be corporate or commercial narration, IVR, audiobooks, explainers, animation, or even threatening message to an ex. See? I've got your back!


Here are fact about me:

- I am fluent in English and [Latam] Spanish.

- My English veers towards the mid-Atlantic to British, so it's fairly neutral, but I can also do a South London accent.

- I also do accents (Latino, French, Mediterranean, Italian, Eastern European, West African, evil, silly, dopey).

- I have home recording facilities, therefore I can offer quality recording, and quick turnaround.


Feel free to message me through the contact form (LET'S TALK button) which you will find on the top right of each page, and let me prove to you I can be THE VOICE YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT


Visit my Mandy voice profile for more voiceover details:

20200106_205343 (2).jpg

Visit my starnow profile by clicking below:

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