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Ant Richards
Ant Richards Author


A lazy bassist

A wannabe airline pilot

A reluctant English Teacher

A retired sound engineer

A grumpy travel agent

A cassette milkshake

You just can't make this shit up!

This time, it's personal...



This is not a love story. This is a story about love.
Out on 18 March 2021

When Chris and his father Phil decide to spend a long weekend break in Bilbao, their relationship is stretched to the limit.

All because of a woman.


Chris learns the hard way how actions have consequences. Phil also learns that it takes unexpected blows to put love to the test.


‘Believe me son, I do love you,’ Phil said to Chris once, ‘that’s why you still breathe.’


Killing your offspring – as justified as it may sometimes seem – is simply not an option.

Unconditional final 2 yellow black 2.jpg


(Short Thrills)

Damned if I don't



Recovering unexpectedly after a long illness can be hard to accept. A painful decision made over a decade ago eventually has its consequences. A life-changing opportunity missed can lead to bitter disappointment. Settling old scores can mean having to make brave choices. Love sometimes requires brutal compromises. You never appreciate what you have, until it gets you arrested. Memory loss and a missing mobile phone, what can possibly go wrong?




These seven tales will take you on a tour of the human psyche, showing you both sides of that old adage. Buckle up and prepare for a bumpy ride as life, friendship, love, loyalty, passion, revenge, and fear meet at every twist and turn resulting in the difference between opportunity and regret.


Where would you turn at that fork in the road? Do you follow your heart and make a deal with the devil, or play it safe and just take the high road?


But hurry, you won’t always get a second chance...


Three of DAMNED IF I DON'T greatest hits!

Well, singles... they are actually, 3 individual stories from DAMNED IF I DON'T that I have released (yes, like singles) on Amazon as tasters of what you can - and will - find inside DAMNED IF I DON'T, if all my hard work above still hasn't convinced you. 

They are available only on kindle, as they are between 24 and 32 pages each tale and you can either download them at the ridiculously low price of £0.99 (or it's equivalent in your country's local currency) or you can read it for free (yep, as in paying nothing for it) through kindleunlimited, if you have Amazon Prime. Click on each title and get DAMNED... sorry, I meant, the singles....

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No easy answer new cover.jpg
In your dreams
In Your Dreams

Jack Parsons, Chief Editor at THE GREAT ESCAPE is living the dream.


Actually, more than one dream.

When a colleague calls out to him at an airport, a woman he’d never met before asks him for a cigarette and an old acquaintance who once brought out the very worst in him turns up unexpectedly, Jack begins to question where dreams end and reality takes over. Maybe it’s time he took a break.


While visiting an old friend in Amsterdam life just gets that bit more exciting – for all the wrong reasons. Unexpected and uninvited, Monika bursts into his life. Things can’t get any worse.


Jack has always had a talent for making enemies. Ambiguous, enigmatic, cynical, and short-fused, Jack Parsons also knows how to hold a grudge. Only by harnessing and mastering his dark side can he unravel the nightmare that is slowly unfolding before him.


Are these vivid dreams some kind of out-of-body experience, astral travel or is he simply starting to lose it?


The past has sharp teeth. Sooner or later, any unfinished business will always come back to bite.


In 2020, I contributed with a short story for CUP OF TEA STORIES: A BOOK OF SHORT STORIES. Basically, a collection of lovely stories by established and new writing talents. Spoiler alert: they all revolve around, well, how do I put it... a cup of tea.


I have also written some travel reviews and other articles for a couple online forums and pages.

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