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In your dreams
In your dreams

sleeping just became dangerous again. this time, only better...

IN YOUR DREAMS, my debut book, the novel that started all this crazy writing journey of mine went through a bit of a makeover.

Indeed, I realised that when I first published it in 2014, my then self-publishing company, despite very diligently managing to make me part with my hard-earned money to edit, design the cover and publish it, really did the title very little justice. Besides their lack of interest in actually getting it properly distributed, in hindsight, I realised they did a poor job editing the story, let alone designing the cover. Well, we all learn from our mistakes, and I have learned a lot in these past 4 years since IN YOUR DREAMS came out.

And it is because of that, that we worked re-editing it, making the content leaner and tighter; designing a cover that truly conveys what this story is all about. I am therefore, confident that the end product will do justice to Jack Parsons and company.

On 28 May 2018, IN YOUR DREAMS re-launched its 2nd edition on Amazon in Kindle & paperback format. In August, it became available at other different outlets (Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Kobo, etc) in both e-book & paperback. So really, there is no excuse this time.

In the meantime, follow Jack Parsons on twitter @InYourDreams_JP for updates. You'll also see stuff on Facebook & Instagram.

You will not be disappointed. The dream has only just begun. It'll be up to you to establish what is real and what is not. Just don't sleep too much on it...

Ant Richards

Damned if I don't

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Its time we got thrilled. Seven times over!


So, what exactly is DAMNED IF I DON’T about?


They are seven short stories that are nowhere short of dark humour. For good measure, I’ve thrown in the odd twisted romance, because being in love is good – and heartbreaking sometimes. To avoid you falling asleep, I’ve added some disturbingly thrilling twists – some readers might even hate me at the end of the book. Some of the characters make some bad choices, but sometimes life is like that, and shit happens.

Now, there are hangovers from hell, missing mobile phones, a ruthless enforcer, and some interesting locations. What can possibly go wrong, you may ask?

It’s not my place to tell you here, all I did was write the book. It’s probably best you find out for yourself.

But hurry, you won’t always get a second chance...

​Ant Richards

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