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With a little help from my friends

DAMNED IF I DON'T would never have been possible without a little help from my friends. Yes, fair enough, I wrote the stories and all that but that was just the first step. Some might even say, the easy bit.


I would like however in this space to acknowledge and thank a number of fine people whose contribution to my crowdfunding site, is making all this possible. Financial backing aside, it was your belief in me, in what I was doing and in what I could have risked that has made this project worthwhile. Being the organised git that I claim to be, I have been collating a list of all those who have joined forces to help this DAMNED project take off. Thank you and may God, life, the stars and fate in general bless you ten-fold for your support:

- Iris Cessarelli, Sarah Jane Gregson, Mark Everett, M E Torres ( & Gabriel), Will Smith, David Evans, Linda Eldridge, Lis C Melendez, Michael Ormerod, Sue McDonald, Annette Taylor, Elena Prieto, Fabio Agostini, Cynda Sloan, Jose Fumero (& Lolybeth), Paul Dibohu, Tracey Forsyth, Raquel Lozano, Sarah Hill, Marshall Hughes, Sandy Clark (& Lisette), Jessica Best (& Simon), Luis Fernandez (& Zuzana), Erika Rath (& Vitelio), Anne Marie Agostini-W, Neha Shah, Simon Kraft, Tania Mujica, Lisa Mason, Gloria Haynes, Debbie Foord, Steve Agostini, Will Hafod Dywyll, Niall Kervik, Helen Plumb, Luc Agostini, Alec Green, Roberto Santana, Jason Marcellin (& Annette), Mariela Mason, Xavier Fernandez (& Marianella), Betty Agostini (& Hannif), Fiona Clark, Gregorio Tomassi, Nathaniel Nuby, Judy Donovan, Angela Peddar.

Additionally, I must thank THE DAMNED, a dear and select group of conspirators, collaborators, reprobates and friends; Jessica Best, Paul Dibohu, and Alec Green. Thank you first for not sectioning me, and then agreeing to read my initial drafts, offering your thoughts, opinions and feedback on what and where to improve and still sparing me the embarrassment of what you had to read.

Niall Kervick, and Jesus Barrios for reviewing and offering sound feedback and suggestions on my final draft.

Furthermore, a mega “thanks” to Jesus Barrios for designing the cover and detailing your vision for it. Now it's back to the drawing board for the back cover. Lena Hedges, for risking your sanity and reputation by agreeing to edit and proofread my manuscript. Indiegogo, for providing the platform to make it happen.

Again, I blame you entirely for the success of this book.

But it's not all about me and my bloody book. Ten percent of what you contributed will go to 3 charities that work towards research, support and care on diseases and conditions that have touched me too close in the past few years: It is still way below what I would personally wish to donate, but it's my humble way of thanking them for the amazing job they do. 

So, without further ado, all I can say now is hold on to yer knickers, this is gonna be some ride!

Ant Richards

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