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(Short Thrills)

The Logical Outcome

Bernie woke up this morning and noticed he was able to move, sit, feel, even walk. He almost died of a heart attack!
All this is new and very confusing to him, however, there is much catching up to do.

The future looks bright. Scarily bright.

Full Circle

Matthew and Melanie left some unfinished business in 1999.
Twelve years later, under unusual circumstances and far away from their comfort zone, the time has come to settle old scores.

He Climbed Out Through The Bathroom Window

The idyllic Spanish coastal town of Carranza  has all the right ingredients for a perfect vacation, but in-laws from hell, moody teenage kids and distant wife are making Danny McVie's summer holiday a real misery.
Just as he thinks it can't get any worse, he suddenly sees a window of opportunities that may turn his fortunes around.
But first he needs to go to the toilet.

Malaga Virgen

If you can't get someone off your mind... maybe they are supposed to be there.

Sometimes, love has to be brutally uncompromising.

The Sentence

Jimmy Kerr is imprisoned inside a windowless padded cell. Time, space, sound, and even the notion of basic perspective have become immeasurable and irrelevant to him.
Unable to remember recent events, let alone his past, Jimmy is now physically weak, emotionally broken and on the verge of insanity.
Yet the same questions linger.

Why is he here?

Who abducted him?
Will he die?


The devil you know

As we all know, the devil wears Prada. And Louis Vuiton. And Chanel.
Sam Harding,  one of South East London's most notorious underworld Supremos has crossed a sacred line. But so it seems, have others in his inner circle.

no easy answer

A travel writer. A weekend in Madrid. A deranged drunk Londoner. A feisty, lunatic Basque girlfriend.
Booze - lots of it. Memory loss and a missing mobile phone.

Your average weekend getaway - what could possibly go wrong?

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