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Ye kind message board

who are we?
well I like the website and i'm looking forward to a good read.Well Done Ant !

Mick Richards                             02 july 2014

Dear Mick

Are we by any chance related? If so, we are the chosen ones. Don't know what for, but I'm sure someone, somewhere has made a sound choice. Happy reading,

Ant Richards

Are you in hiding?!

just about to order your book- I want an autograph when I next see you!!- well done, an amazing achievement...and you kept this very quiet!!

Gin                                               10 July 2014

Dear Gin

Thanks for taking the time to check out my website and even more for ordering the book! It will be an immense pleasure to sign.

Alll the best



I enjoyed the book first time I read it. It's a very unusual storyline which made fascinating reading. Planning to read it again now.

Gloria Haynes                          30 December 2014

Dear Gloria

Thank you for your kind comments. I am glad you enjoyed reading IN YOUR DREAMS.

Trust you will enjoy it again on your second read!

Best wishes,


I love everything about this site

People don't always get my dry sense of humor. So imagine my utter joy at reading all the little places yours is interjected. (My personal faves were the self destruct and dunno what to do buttons) I'm in California, but I felt as though I was ready to Hitch-hike across the Galaxy w/ my towel in hand. :) Can't wait to read the book.

IG supb

FB supb navarro

Thanks for your message Bekah

I'm glad you have enjoyed browsing through my site, but more than anything, I'm relieved you didn't press the self destruct button! Hope you enjoy the book and look forward to your feedback very soon.

Keep well,


Let's talk

Feel free to contact me and talk about any topic - within reason, of course. Send me a message and I will endeavor to reply as soon as I can.


Ant Richards

Nah, I'm too damn shy
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