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Born at St. Mary Abbots Hospital in Kensington, London, Ant Richards spent the formative part of his life in South America.


After finishing High School and clueless as to what he wanted to become professionally, Ant eventually heard the calling. 

Following his training as a recording engineer, he worked in leading dubbing and voiceover studios in his adopted hometown Caracas. In that area, he developed his skills in all different range of sound post-production as well as occasional work as a voiceover artist.

In the mid nineties, and looking to widen his horizons, Ant returned to his native London. 

He found London to be somewhat distant, removed and at times alien and hostile to what he had grown accustomed to. Ant ended up working in the Travel Industry where, despite arriving at a time where it was no longer the glamorous industry it was portrayed to be, he was still able to indulge in his other passion; travelling.

Unable yet to become a millionaire and live the debonair lifestyle he craved, the dormant writing talent in him began to flourish. Or so he thought. 'Maybe it's just a rash or something,' he thought at first.

Nope. We weren't that lucky, and now we're stuck with him...

For better or for worse, Ant Richards began his new career as an accomplished author writing about his travels, reviewing destinations, accommodation and flights. He managed to publish in some well known and respected websites and online forums, in addition to other obscure and dubious websites, in most cases with a varying degree of success - however, despite his best efforts, he was still unable to enjoy the spoils and perks he desperately wished for after all the trouble he'd gone through writing them.

It was only a matter of time before he seriously considered writing his first novel - to the world's literary detriment. After many failed attempts, years of solitary confinement (in pubs, cafes, airport lounges, hotel rooms... and more bars) IN YOUR DREAMS came to life, and terrorised the literary world, again with a varying degree of success - within his neighbourhood and local pub in Lee.

In November 2017, he released his second book DAMNED IF I DON'T, a collection of short stories, and soon after started work on his second & third novel.

In 2018 however, and almost by accident,  he rekindled his voiceover career he'd foolishly neglected when he entered the world of travel. Again, for better or for worse, his voice can be heard in a number of corporate & commercial narrations, adverts, IVRs, promotional videos as well as the occasional podcast, audiobooks of which he has narrated over a dozen so far, including two of his own stories NO EASY ANSWER, released in February 2021and UNCONDITIONAL, which came out in August, also 2021.

Ant Richards currently lives in South East London with his family. He supports Liverpool, therefore he is definitely a hopeless dreamer.

He still hasn't made much progress on his 2nd & 3rd novel...

Addendum: Liverpool did win the Premier League in 2020, so there is definitely something going well with what Ant is doing.

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